We spend a good deal of time (too much) reading the multitudes of film blogs in search of indies we may have overlooked to include in our bundles. There are TONS of amazing film sites out there and often they are overlooked themselves. So from here on out, every friday, we’ll be pointing out a few of our favorites. Let us know what you think and if there are others we should take a look at!


The fine folks at BRWC, a film blog based in the UK with international contributors, write about the films they want to write about, which makes for a wonderfully unpredictable stream of reviews written in a conversational, honest, and utterly entertaining style. It’s a whole lot of fun. Plus, it’s got one of the best blog names we’ve ever heard.

Check out their post on the top five “secret christmas movies”:




FilmSnobbery is already very well known in the film blogosphere, but for those of you who haven’t come across it yet, go check it out. Seriously, right now. With a wealth of reviews dedicated to indies across the genres, interviews, columns, and trailers, FilmSnobbery rocks our socks. Owner Nic Baisley and team do an amazing job pointing out new indies, so it’s a great destination to discover overlooked films. Nic also hosts his online interview series, FilmSnobbery Live, where he sits down with all sorts of film-types in long format interviews.

Check out his interview with Film Festival Flix founder Ben Oberman: http://filmsnobbery.com/filmsnobbery-live-episode-108-with-guest-benjamin-oberman/



Black Sheep Reviews

The reviews posted on Black Sheep Reviews are well-written and use a convenient sheep-based rating system. They focus on the main stream as well as larger art house films, and their (relatively) short reviews make the site a great place for a quick recommendation. They also have occasional interviews and features which are fantastic.

Check out their interview with canadian director Denis Villeneuve: