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Forced Viewing

Forced Viewing is a horror blog for hardcore genre fans and casual blood-and-guts lovers alike. You’re guaranteed to find movies you’ve never heard of, and their team of writers review with… passion. (If you’re sensitive to coarse language, beware—although if so, you’d probably be advised not to watch the movies you find here anyways). They feature indie horror at it’s best (and worst), with podcasts and by-the-episode reviews of The Walking Dead for good measure.

The last time I peeked at their page, the most recent review was on Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, just to give you an idea of how twisted they are.


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FilmSnobbery is already very well known in the film blogosphere, but for those of you who haven’t come across it yet, go check it out. Seriously, right now. With a wealth of reviews dedicated to indies across the genres, interviews, columns, and trailers, FilmSnobbery rocks our socks. Owner Nic Baisley and team do an amazing job pointing out new indies, so it’s a great destination to discover overlooked films. Nic also hosts his online interview series, FilmSnobbery Live, where he sits down with all sorts of film-types in long format interviews.

Bored of “Best 2013 Movies” lists? Check out “The Year in Sleaze 2013,” courtesy of Paracinema.


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Man, I Love Films

It’s all in the name. You’ll find a little bit of everything at Man, I Love Films, from big-budgets to vintage horror. There are podcasts galore and lists (and not the obvious kinds—10 best movie break-ups? I’m listening…), but most importantly—to us, of course—is contributor Thaddeus Zwolfe’s weekly Indie Spotlight reviews.

Here’s his review of the documentary Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony (which I might only be selecting because he refers to it throughout as B:TEUAFoMLP). They’re all worth checking out though.